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Sister's Pack

Sister's Pack

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Sister's Pack

We have the perfect gift box for you and your sisters/best friends

You can choose between two boxes: 

Box A - 2 press-on nails sets + prep kits + 2 cuticles oil pens (+ special gifts from us)

Box B - 3 press-on nails set + prep kits + 3 cuticle oil bottles (+ special gift from us) 


Make sure to specify: the name of the press on nail set, shape, length, and colors if applicable 


Comes with 20 Press-on Nails

1 Nail File

1 Wooden Stick

Strong glue

Jar of lotion

Adhesive tabs

Why should you try Press On Nails?

Press-on nails are convenient for busy women, moms, and anyone who can have acrylics because of their religion or profession.

Lexi offers multiple designs, shapes, and lengths.


After applying your nails with the glue you can keep them for up to 2 weeks and reuse them 2-3 times

How to use

Prep your natural nails before applying your press ons.

Buff your nails, push your cuticle back and wipe your nails using the alcohol wipe.

Measure your nails first by placing the press on on your nails and making sure it doesn't go over your cuticle and skin.

Apply the adhesive tab on your nails then press for 20 seconds. If you want to keep your nails for more than 3 days use the glue and use the same process.


Lexi Nails will ship all your orders within 6 days. Every orders are shipped on a Thursday

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