Frequently asked questions

Why should you try press ons?

Why you should try Press On Nails?

Press-on nails are convenient for busy women, moms, and anyone who can't have acrylics because of their religion or profession.

Lexi offers multiple designs, shapes, and lengths.


After applying your nails with the glue you can keep them for up to 2 weeks and reuse them 2-3 times.

How to apply my nails


1) Wash and dry your hands

2) Gently push back your cuticles using the cuticle pusher

3) Use the alcohol pads to sanitize your nails

4) BEFORE applying the glue, size the nails by placing them on your finger and select sizes best suited for your natural nails. (Tips: make sure it does not touch your skin and cuticle)

5) Apply a layer of glue to your natural nails and the back of the fake nails.

6) Align the nails and press down firmly and hold for 20 seconds.

How to remove my press ons?


Soak each nail in a bowl of warm water with soap and 5 drops of cuticle oil (or olive oil) for 10 minutes then gently pull away.

Make sure to remove any excess glue from your press-ons and your natural nails.

Moisturize your hands

What comes in my prep kit?

Every sets comes with 20 Press-on Nails and the following:

1 Nail File

1 Wooden Stick

Strong glue

Jar of lotion

Adhesive tabs

Need a custom set?

Design your own perfect set of nails with our Custom Orders option! Use the chat feature or email us at to specify the shape, length, colors, and design.

We'll bring your vision to life!

Price: Starting at $50

Custom Order